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The Living In Alignment  Summit

An amazing 5 days of practical information from leading experts in the field of happiness and more...




The Living in Alignment Summit's Mission is simple....
 To bring practical information from as many leading experts as possible, that can be put to use immediately to live a more happy, loving, peaceful and fulfilled life!

15+ Expert Presentations & Interviews Over 5 Days

We have brought together 15+ leading experts in the field of happiness, psychology, coaching and more who are going to share their best kept secrets on how to live a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment. 

Every day of the summit will feature “can’t miss” keynote presentations, that will share practical information you can put to use immediately to make real changes in your life right now!


You will learn from the worlds leading experts in these fields.

You can pick and choose the strategies and tips that work for you and 
immediately put them in to practice. 

Scroll down to explore each expert's bio and detailed description of the subject they will be talking about during the Summit. You will find a wide array of topics that are sure to apply to an area of your life.


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Day 1

Designing Your Life

Session Starts 10:00 AM EST

Designing your life

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Main principles of “The Handle Method” and how to apply them today to “Design your Life”
  • The four types of voices that each one of us has inside our heads and what they are saying - Hint: one of them is a Brat!
  • The importance of Promises and Consequences in our lives

More about Laurie:

Head Coach at Handel Group® Life Coaching.


The Handel Method has been taught at top universities like MIT, Harvard and Yale as well as in companies and institutions all around the world 


After trying many things like meditations, reading all the books, living in ashrams and looking for gurus, Laurie came to the Handle Group and  for over 15 years has been passionate about personal development. 


Laurie coaches individuals as well as groups. 

As Head Coach at the Handel Group® Life Coaching, Laurie teaches people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams through live events, one-on-one coaching, online coaching courses, as a writer, on the radio, and in frequent TV appearances on MTV, A&E, Dr. Phil Show, and the TODAY show.

Laurie Gerber
EVP and Head Coach,
Handel Group® Life Coaching

Lauren LeMunyan PCC
Founder and Executive Coach
The SpitFire Coach

Aligning with Your Inner SpitFire Power

Session Starts 12:00 PM EST

Aligning with Your Inner SpitFire Power​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • What elements are essential to light our Spitfire
  • How to find your “why” - Hint: It’s inside you
  • A great acronym to putt it all together in a practical way

More about Lauren:

Lauren LeMunyan, The SpitFire Coach, is a Professional Certified Coach who works with individuals and teams in the startup, tech, nonprofit, real estate and creative industries.


Lauren is the creator of The SpitFire Tetrahedron, a multi-dimensional model for self-awareness, assessment and adjustment to support people in discovering and maintaining their SpitFire Power.


Based in Washington, DC and originally from New Jersey, Lauren brings high energy, creativity and a strategic perspective to every coaching and training session.


Lauren is an author, blogger and host of a weekly podcast, The SpitFire Podcast and a rapper with a Bluegrass-Americana band.

Self-Science: The Way to Sustainable Happiness

Session Starts 2:00 PM EST

Self-Science: The Way to Sustainable Happiness​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • What is self science?

  • What are the building blocks of self science

  • 3- How to use this science to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

More about Profesor Formica:

Embracing his unconventional path in academia and life, Sandro Formica, Ph.D., lives every day in full commitment to his Life Purpose, “To integrate the science of happiness in firms, educational institutions and governments.”

For that reason, he created a business format that aligns personal development processes with the goals and mission of positive organizations. Sandro’s work aims at increasing individual and organizational performance based on applied, scientific evidence. 


Sandro contributed to the development, analysis and testing of a strategic management model named “Co-Alignment” and modified it to integrate values, purpose, empathic communication, emotional intelligence and creativity in the context of positive organizations managed by self-aware executives.


Sandro has provided consulting and executive education services to global and regional hotel corporations such as ACCOR, Intercontinental Hotels, The Miami Heat, Illy Cafe, Expedia, International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores, and coordinated transnational European Union projects and conducted “Think Tanks” with leading decision-makers in the Middle East, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.


As an academic, he published in international peer-reviewed journals on human motivational factors and behavioral decision-making, executive education needs, United States vs. Europe training systems, and predictability of human preferences in future global business.


His research papers were presented at several international conferences, such as the World Business Congress and the Quality of Life World Conference. 


Currently, Sandro teaches The Science of Happiness and Personal Empowerment at Florida International University. He also teaches The Business Economics of Happiness and The Business of Positive Organizations in selected European universities.

Sandro Formica PH.D.
EVP and Head Coach,
Handel Group® Life Coaching


Day 2

Rebuilding your Trust Muscle

Session Starts 10:00 AM EST

Rebuilding your Trust Muscle​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • The connection between your Heartset and Mindset and how that impacts your experience.
  • What are our “Underlying Commitments?” How to identify them?
  • The 3RF model of Awareness.

More about Noah:

Life, Leadership, & Congruency Coach.


Noah has 14 Years in the Fitness Industry as a Trainer and Mindset Coach, educating clients on the Mind/Body Connection and how it relates to Human Performance. 


Her passion for helping people further evolved into a life coaching practice after investing heavily in her own personal development, spiritual practice, and a deep commitment to doing her own inner-work. 


She created to help her clients breakthrough internal points of conflict, identify what’s really holding them back, and moves them through a process of realignment - in every single area of their life, so that they can not only achieve their personal and professional goals, but experience true fulfillment as the result of living a conscious and congruent life.

Noah Channing
Life, Leadership,
& Congruency Coach

Jaime Sabbatini
Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator
Coachastic Now

The Power of You

Session Starts 12:00 PM EST

The Power of You​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Connect with gratitude in a very practical and powerful way
  • Feel the power of choice
  • Experience the Grace Trail Journey in to hope

More about Jaime:

Jaime Sabbatini is certified as a Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner with special training in the Core Energy Coaching™ Process from the top-rated Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  


Jaime earned her BS in Business Administration from Georgian Court College and is the author of Your Three-Step Guide to Feeling Great Right Now! Jaime’s passion is helping people to be brave and bold to break through what’s holding them captive from living their full, amazing potential! 


Jaime experience spans over 20 years of nurturing family, community and professional relationships to support young and old to clear the path to living a better life with a whole lot more happiness and joy.


She’s worked to create energetic synchronicity in a small business company culture using Energy Leadership™, provide group coaching using the Core Energy Process™, develop and facilitate The Power of You workshop, and engage in one-on-one coaching in private practice. Her life goal is to “hear” people’s hearts smiling! 


The Power of You is a life-changing and powerful workshop.  It's an introspective and communal experience using gratitude to unlock the fullness of life and lead us to the Divine truth within, as well as connect to the power of hope and acceptance freeing us up to navigate our everyday with more joy, happiness, and a greater sense of peace,  Using real life examples to demonstrate choice, acceptance and gratitude, participants experience freedom and renewal with a plan to move forward while feeling heard, loved and supported.

The bTrue Method - Values Assessment

Session Starts 2:00 PM EST

The bTrue Method - Values Assessment​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • What are values and how they affect your life.

  • What your current situation says about your values.

  • Where do our values come from.

More about Karen:

Karen Preston is a Certified Professional Coach, Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, COR.E Dynamics Specialist and a Core Values Expert.


She helps individuals and life science organizations uncover their core values and align with their truest selves so they can reach their highest leadership potential, create synergistic relationships and experience joy in all aspects of their lives, personally and professionally.


After working on her values case study for the last two years, she is excited to launch her assessment and debrief process that takes you on the most significant journey toward finding your Truest version of self.  


This work is proven and transformational, as its benefits include obtaining the greatest self-love, uncovering your life’s purpose/legacy, radically improving relationships, optimizing your health, reaching your highest potential in all aspects, personally and professionally.  


Karen is also an artist and enjoys walking labyrinths, yoga, meditation, travel, nature and spending time with her three daughters, her Tibetan Terrier, Lola and her soulmate, Mike.

Karen Preston
KBP Coaching LLC

Dr. Shauna Shapiro​

Good morning, I love you: Mindfulness and self compassion practices to rewire the brain for Grater calm clarity and joy.

Session Starts 4:00 PM EST

Good morning, I love you: Mindfulness and self compassion practices to rewire the brain for Grater calm clarity and joy.

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • The three key elements of mindfulness
  • The power of neuroplasiticty: What you practice grows stronger
  • The power of self-compassion: Shame doesn't work.

More about Shauna:

SHAUNA SHAPIRO, PHD, is a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion.

She is a widely published scholar whose TEDx talk, “The Power of Mindfulness”, has been viewed over one million times.

She is a professor at Santa Clara University and a fellow of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute. Dr. Shapiro lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Day 3

Discover and Create your Best Relationship

Session Starts 10:00 AM EST

Discover and Create your Best Relationship​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Why the “Ideal” relationship has room for more than just perfect.
  • Create a relationship profile using Lisa’s relationships tool
  • What does a great relationship look like? And how to make sure you have one


More about Lisa:

Years ago, while in a challenging marriage, Lisa found herself searching to be happier.  Rather than focusing on what wasn’t working, through traditional therapy, she obtained certification in positive psychology and learned what it would look like to be her best of herself.  


From her new found strength and recognized self-value she gained the courage and resiliency to create a life where she is free to thrive.


Often the most freeing and terrifying realization is discovering no one is responsible for your happiness but you.  By no fault of our own we make life harder than it needs to be.  We limit our happiness and possibilities through negative self-talk, behavior patterns that don’t serve us well, and lack of relationship skills that would otherwise set us up for the personal success we long for.


Through coaching, educating and mentoring Lisa helps women and men create new paradigms that cultivate a life they love and design a relationship where they flourish; starting with the one they have with themselves.


Immediately her clients feel hopeful and excited to make positive change… to decide “who do you want to be?”


Lisa Brown is a positive psychology life and relationships coach offering sessions by phone and video call, enabling clients to work with her regardless of where they live. She offers live workshops, is available for speaking engagements and is launching online courses.

Lisa Brown, CPC, ELI-MP

Positive Psychology Life and Relationship Coach

Jonathan Miller
Mindful Communication

How to Have a Fight-Free Relationship

Session Starts 12:00 PM EST

How to Have a Fight-Free Relationship
(Without Spending Too Much Time, Money and Energy)

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • How to resolve relationship breakdowns in record time

  • How to get to the bottom of "what happened" in your arguments

  • How to bring a new level of love to your relationship

More about Jonathan:

Jonathan helps high-performing couples upgrade their communication skills to have fight-free relationships.


As a speaker, coach and trainer, Jonathan is dedicated to empowering others to communicate mindfully.


He truly believes that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life, and communication is the main ingredient.


Growing up, he was never taught to fully express himself or hear others in a way that fostered connection.


He is now committed to sharing his passion for clear communication using his world-class training methodology.

If Money Was A Person:
How to Change Your Relationship with Money So You Control It and It Doesn’t Control You

Session Starts 2:00 PM EST

If money was a person:

How to Change Your Relationship with Money So You Control It and It Doesn’t Control You

Here are the top things you will learn from this talk:

  • How to understand money at its root through their beliefs so you can make, spend, invest, and give on you terms aligning with their own money values.

  • Identify your number one block to having a healthy relationship with money and how to clear it.

  • Learn the powerful role of receptivity when it comes to your money story so they can finally stop under-earning.

  • Supportive, immediate actionable tools to create more confidence, clarity and cash

More about Christine:

Christine Walsh partners with professional and self-employed women to guide them back to their own inherent power around money.


As a former Wall Street VP at a top tier investment banking firm, Christine knows, without a doubt, that mastery of the inner game of money is fundamental to winning the outer game of money.


Working together, Christine will show you how to exponentially improve your relationship with money so you can make more money now, have a plan for it in the future, and know what to do to keep more of it in your pocket. 

Christine Walsh
Christine Walsh Coaching

Miguel Gonzalez

Exponential Happiness

Session Starts 4:00 PM EST

Exponential Happiness​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • The present paradigm in our daily life and work
  • The importance of happiness in our lives and at work
  • SMILE a method to be happier and more productive

More about Miguel:

Miguel González “Yang” Director of Neuva.


He is an Industrial Engineer, a Business Coach, a husband and a happy father of two beautiful girls.


He has been working as a Growth Coach for companies for 8 years and during this period he realized that, if you want a company to grow and be successful, you need to focus on the people


Day 4

Simplicity - Do Less To Get More Done

Session Starts 10:00 AM EST

Simplicity - Do Less To Get More Done​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • How Simplicity can Change your life

  • How to do do MORE by doing LESS

  • Why being able to do ANYTHING you want not the same as doing EVERYTHING you want.


More about Aldo:

Aldo Jaquez is a graduate of Boston University with a double major in Human Resources and Business marketing.  


While studying in Boston, Aldo fell in love with the hospitality industry.  He went on to hold a variety of roles in restaurants and bars in which he developed a passion for connecting with people.


Aldo has since taken his passion to the next level by becoming a Brand Ambassador in the beverage industry.  A role which allows him to connect with hundreds of people on a daily basis.  


As well as an Ambassador, Aldo likes to consider himself a “Simplicity Coach”.  


His passion is for helping others connect with their Truth.  


He believes the best way to do this is by removing needless internal and external clutter that no longer serves a purpose in order to connect with those things in life that bring joy.

Aldo Jaquez

Certified Life Coach

Jennifer Liberi-Middleton
Life Executives, LLC

Understanding Your Purpose & Personal Theme in

Life, Carrer and Beyond

Session Starts 12:00 PM EST

Understanding Your Purpose & Personal Theme in Life, Carrer and Beyond​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Understanding your purpose & personal theme 
  • How to identify your purpose & personal theme
  • Once you have identified your purpose & personal theme, what to do with that information.


More about Jennifer:

Jennifer Liberi-Middleton is a life sciences business development manager-turned Corporate Leadership Development Coach and Trainer.  


She is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, founder of Life Executives, LLC and co-founder of ExLevel Institute.  


She works with Life science professionals, sales organizations, teams and individuals to tackle their career and business challenges for long-term growth and sustainability.  


Before beginning her formal coaching career, Jennifer worked in the biotech space for over 20 years, which included training and mentoring roles in addition to her various sales positions.


Throughout her career, she recognized a need for professionals to better understand who they, how to identify their personal theme and understand how that aligns not only to career, but all aspects of their life. 


She believes this is the missing ingredient and is the key to success.  Hence, she developed the ScopoMax™ Assessment for identifying your personal theme and purpose.  This tool and its actionable insights provide the direct path to one’s ultimate success.


Jennifer is available for individual and group coaching sessions.

Attitude Impacts Success!

Session Starts 2:00 PM EST

Attitude Impacts Success!​

Here are the 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Conscious and Unconscious Attitudes
  • 7 Levels of Attitude
  • How to quickly change your Attitude

More about Paula:


Paula Conkey is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ACC) and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) focused on helping people transition through Life, Health and Career challenges by leveraging mindfulness and creating synergy between how they see themself today to who they really are.  


Paula trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC.) Paula is a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership (ELI-MP) and holds transformational certifications from Landmark Education's Forum, Advanced and Self Expression Leadership Programs.  She’s also certified in Reiki II and leverages her training to coach the whole person, using a holistic and mindful approach as she leads clients to their potential and success.


Paula’s life purpose is to be a catalyst of positive change.  For the past 15 years, Paula’s lifted people up!  Prior to owning her practice, she worked in corporate Talent Leadership coaching and connecting people to their inner wisdom, reconnecting them to their skills, the value they bring and their dreams.  Common goals included: lead with mindfulness, enhance collaboration, be promoted and secure a role they love, to marketing and rebranding their story after a health and life crisis.


Today, Paula partners with clients and guides them towards removing their inner critic, making choices that support them, gaining insight into themselves and learning to THRIVE after experiencing roadblocks, fears and feelings of being stuck or delayed.  Paula coaches people to move through their journey with grace and enthusiasm.


Paula Conkey

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)


Day 5

From Rock Bottom to Rock Star!

Session Starts 10:00 AM EST

From Rock Bottom to Rock Star!​
How to Move Through Adversity Without Losing Your Mind

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • How to move from victim to victor - making the switch to a more energetic you

  • Find out why goal setting is critical to getting out of the adversity pit

  • The importance of practicing perseverance

More about Paul:

From Rock Bottom to Rock Star –
How to Move Through Adversity Without Losing Your Mind


Paul Silva, coach and author of "Longing For The Spirit" a series of essays which touch on his alcoholism, spirituality and the path to life authenticity, all with humor and the wink of an eye, is here to talks about how hitting bottom can be positive agent for change, even when it feels like hell in the midst of it.


Paul Silva knows rock bottom. He also knows sky's the limits when it comes to rising above the noise of self.


A chef and hospitality leader for 25 years, Paul understands living and working under pressure-cooker situations and how they can affect every part of your life.


As a recovered alcoholic, who celebrated eight years of sobriety in May, Paul also knows the absolute pain of being raked over the coals in his active alcoholism.


He also understand the confusion, discomfort and fear moving through transition into sobriety and whole new way of life, including a new career as a life coach.


Moving through transitions of any kind can stir up many emotions and take us on a roller coaster ride. 


Rock bottom is different for all of us. One need not even hit rock bottom to feel the effects of moving through adversity in our lives. Whether it’s a job loss, family loss, broken relationship, or any other emotionally charged and life-changing event, adversity need not be our enemy.


Learning to not only survive, but thrive, during these times is what Paul talks about in this seminar.

Paul Silva

Addiction Recovery & Transition Coach, CPC, ELI-MP

Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S.
Hand in Hand Parenting

How to raise "the WHOLE child" 

Session Starts 12:00 PM EST

How to raise "the WHOLE child"

with Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection​

Here are 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • How children's emotions work. The cycle of connection- disconnection- reconnection in the parent- child relationship. 
  • Off-track behaviors in children need to be welcomed and embraced by parents.  
  • The 5 listening tools in Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection.


More about Mihaela:

Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S., is an instructor in the Global Strategic Communications master’s program at Florida International University. Plugarasu is an educator and practitioner with more than 15 years of personal branding, leadership and personal development and self-growth experience.


She is a dynamic facilitator, moderator and presenter on empowering topics related to the power of social media, communication and leadership and parenting by connection.


In addition to her work at FIU and with U.S.-based non-profits, she has led seminars and courses at the University of Palermo in Palermo, Italy and the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Prior to joining the faculty, Plugarasu served as the director of strategic initiatives & communications at FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, where she led all communications, including the school’s marketing, advertising, web and social media and public relations. 


Plugarasu is currently an instructor –in-training with Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection, a year- long science –based program that focuses on connection through five listening tools that improve the parent-child relationship. She has facilitated Hand in Hand Parenting workshops for the City of Hollywood, Broward County Government- Carver Ranches Family Success Center, and First Presbyterian Learning Centers, as well as a 6- week parent support group at FIU BBC.

Empathy 101: 5 Tips for Supporting People in Grief

Session Starts 2:00 PM EST

Empathy 101:
5 Tips for Supporting People in Grief​

Here are the 3 things you will learn from this talk:

  • Grief is the natural response to loss - and each person grieves in their own way

  • Grief is not something you need to fix, it's something to be respected and accepted

  • Helpful tips on what to do - and what NOT to do when someone tells you they are grieving

More about Carrie:


Carrie Doubts is a Transformational Coach supporting people through major life transitions.


She holds certifications in Grief Counseling, Mentor Coaching, Relationship and Divorce Coaching, and is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing, from the University of Santa Monica and a Master of Science in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary.


Carrie works with men and women experiencing transition, whether it be in career, health, spirituality, or relationships. She works to engage her clients in discovering and embracing purpose and meaning in their lives, utilizing a potential-based coaching philosophy.


As the founder of Life's Next Chapter Coaching, Carrie works with men and women who have lost a spouse/partner (either through death or divorce) to reconnect with their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their purpose to create their life's next chapter. She has created a nine-month program, Rebuilding Your Life After Loss.


Carrie's coaching style is characterized as loving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, transformational. She empowers her clients to move forward in their lives in ways they had not dreamed possible.


Carrie Doubts, MA PPC

Transformational Coach
Life's Next Chapter Coaching



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  • How to design the life you want to live, from the inside out.​

  • The science of sustainable happiness. The how-to of every day happiness. No matter what life throws at you.​

  • Rebuilding your "Trust Muscle". How to trust yourself and your decisions and inner guidance.​

  • How to communicate better with your loved ones for a fight free relationship filled by a deep connection.​

  • How to get a handle of your relationship with money and have it work you "for" you, instead of agains you.

  • How to simplify your life and get more done by doing less.

  • The concept fo "Exponential Happiness" and how to attain it.​

  • Empathy 101. The art of helping people in grief and supporting them in difficult situations.​


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